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  • Time to exploit digital riches by letting go traditional views of marketing

    This is time to change, time to progress and time to exploit digital riches by letting go traditional views of marketing and adopt the new digital realities to benefit from this buzz technology. This is not only time to change, bring change and enjoy the change. The new marketing digital realities are fun, favour and financial forward. This is the magic of the moment and the … Continue reading

  • Advertising Complexities of Marketing Companies

    Marketing Companies in Pakistan is sure to familiar to art of advertising, but understanding science of the field is somewhat not very clear to them. Most of them are sure of advertising as the only tool to build their brand, but not aware of the fact that advertising is one portion in marketing, not the complete marketing.

    Advertising is true to be the most visible tool of … Continue reading

  • Good & Bad of Relying on Marketing Intermediaries

    progressive marketing companies

    Whereas the far and wide progressive marketing companies have begun developing a value network system to get directly products in the hands of consumers, but in Pakistan dependency on intermediaries are getting higher. Companies are heavily relying on a host of marketing intermediaries, enslaving themselves to this third party power. Besides compromising their core brands’ value, risking product/services quality lose and their consumers ended … Continue reading

  • Unstable Foreign Grounds for Pakistani Brands

    Why Pakistani brands so far have failed miserably to find acceptance in other countries? The answer is very long. But primarily ground is very unstable for Pakistani brands, marred by unstable governments’ policies, foreign-exchange problems, corruption, and lack of technological advancements. Besides, the local companies have no will to internationalize their operations.
    The local companies’ lack of enthusiasm is the direct results of their own fallacies, … Continue reading

  • Finding Gold – Marketing Information

    Marketing companies in Pakistan whether new or old have always been surprised while discussing with likes of me at the level of marketing information, intelligence, and areas that marketing companies and their employees must operate within if they want to be successful in the competition.
    It has been become a routine for local marketing strategists in my country to stress to the marketing companies that the marketing … Continue reading

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